Just beyond Panauti town and Khopasi (40 KM southeast from Kathmandu) lies one of the rich cultural and natural destination of Balthali, where upon sits on top of a hill – Balthali Village Resort – a small, cozy retreat with bird’s eye view of green terrace fields dotted with ochre painted houses and faint hue of Himalayan peaks in the north horizon.

It offers a sunrise in the east, speculating Himalayan range of Manaslu, Langtang & Everest in the north, innumerable rice terraces in the west & huge bodied green forest of Mahabharata range in the South. One of the most important factors of this spot is that it is warm in the winter & cool in the summer. The area of Balthali is cover of various flora, colorful rhododendron forest, and magnolia & Sal trees.

Deciding to come to Balthali is deciding to go really off the beaten path. Till now the resort has been a closely guarded secret kept by serious mountain bikers, hikers and of course, writers. Balthali Village Resort is that little piece of untouched Nepal that all the tourists yearn to find but always seem too late to get to.

About Owner

ownerRam Humagain started as a tourist guide for foreigners that were coming through his village in the 70’s. It has been more than 25 years since he had taken first step in Tourism Industry. Obviously interested and curious by nature, he would take them on trekking routes through his native mountains. Intelligent enough to actually pick up a host of languages – including very fluent German, he went on to work in a trekking agency. He made his money through the agency and the first thing he did was to buy the land to build his resort on. Knowing that where tourism goes, infrastructure follows – he firmly believes that Balthali Village Resort will positively be able to help the plight of the till now ignored villages in the area.
Therefore we can say that Mr Ram Prasad Humagain has tried to give a new tourism destination to the tourism industry of Nepal. He is also the active member of Rotary Club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

A Week Hiking Package
A Week Hiking Package

Day 1 A one-hour drive take to Panauti . Here you can see the 800 years Hindu temple of statues of the Bishnu, the Sun God Surya and the Moon God Chandra . A

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